Honors Projects


Among the many rules taught to students as they engage in the writing process is the instruction to remain objective and avoid writing in first-person. Though there are certainly instances in which it is inappropriate for students to use the word 'I" in their writing, students often misunderstand this instruction and their writing suffers as a result. Students often produce writing which lacks voice in their struggle to remain objective. This project seeks to prove the importance of voice in all forms of writing and provide a method for teaching students how to include voice in their own work. The project includes ten days of lesson plans focused on narrative writing. The plans ask students to complete a personal narrative through which they will be given the opportunity to develop their own voice. The project also seeks to provide a way to teach students to apply what they will learn about voice through narrative writing to other writing endeavors. In this way, narrative writing can serve as a stepping stone by which steps may improve in all areas of writing.


Integrated Language Arts Education

First Advisor

Dr. James Berta

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Dr. Donna Nelson-Beene

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 2014