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Little research is being conducted to understand early WL learning. Students in Catholic elementary schools were provided with WL instruction every week. CLT methods were employed and lessons addressed state and national standards. The research questions were: How does exploratory instruction 1) affect children’s attitudes toward learning WL and about cultures? 2) affect children’s WL acquisition? Similar to what Navarro-Villarroel (2011) and Yao (2002) found, this program allowed for a more positive and expressive outlook on learning languages and cultures. Children found learning to be challenging, but enjoyed it because “it made them smarter.” Children believed they would be able to communicate with people from other cultures. Students preferred when the teacher used manipulatives, games, and technology. All students learned some words and expressions. Experienced learners gained confidence in their abilities while certain novice students needed more scaffolding.


French Education

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Brigid Burke

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School of Teaching and Learning

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Darlene Kelley

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School of Teaching and Learning

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Spring 2014