Honors Projects


The transport process at the outer membrane of gram negative bacteria, Escherichia coli, is influenced by the TonB protein. The TonB protein energizes transport trough specific outer membrane proteins that are involved in iron uptake. It does this by using the energy that is collected from the ion electrochemical gradient of the cytoplasmic membrane, by complexes of ExbB and ExbD proteins. The functions of this system involve a set of poorly understood interactions between TonB, ExbB, ExbD, and the outer membrane transporters. Modifying the amino terminus of ExbB produces a drastic effect that is seen during energy transduction for transport functions. This proves the importance of the amino terminus.



First Advisor

Raymond Larsen

First Advisor Department

Biological Sciences

Second Advisor

Jordan Cravens

Second Advisor Department

Physical Education

Publication Date

Fall 12-9-2013