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Amanda FryFollow


The purpose of the current study was to explore factors that influence undergraduate students’ clinical preferences. Specifically, the study examined the factors that may relate to undergraduate communication sciences students’ knowledge of, and interest in working with older adults. Undergraduate students in communication sciences programs from across Ohio were recruited for participation for an online survey. Data from 152 undergraduate students’ from 7 universities and colleges in Ohio were evaluated using descriptive statistics and Pearson Correlation Coefficients. Results indicate that participants had knowledge of older adults and the adult lifespan, but did not feel prepared to demonstrate this knowledge in graduate school. Of the 152 participants, 29 had a clinical preference of working with older adults and most participants did not change their interest after the completion of courses related to older adults. Awareness of facts on aging was related to both quality of relationship between student and older adult and interest in working with older adults. Data suggests, exposing students to older adults and providing educational opportunities related to older adults may impact their decision to work with this population.


Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Dr. Virginia Dubasik

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Communication Sciences and Disorders

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Dr. Wendy Watson

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Publication Date

Spring 2014