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Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure created to assess population wide staistics of obesity and stratify health risk. However, there are large differences in health risk when comparing BMI with measures of body composition. BMI is not a measure of body composition. Body composition measures are used to distinguish between fat mass, fat-free mass. This percent body fat is more significantly correlated with health risk.

This study analyzed various body composition methodologies including waist circumference at the umbilicus and at the narrowest point of the abdomen, sagittal abdominal diameter, bioelectrical impedance analysis, and air displacement plethysmography. The study’s purpose was to determine the appropriateness and viability of these methods in accuracy and cost for risk stratification in the older adult male population aged 50 and over.


Allied Health

First Advisor

Dr. Mary-Jon Ludy

First Advisor Department

Exercise Science

Second Advisor

Dr. Amy Mogan

Second Advisor Department

Exercise Science

Publication Date

Spring 2014