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LGBTQ+ youth, in sport and society, are more visible today than in years past. Athletes are coming out at earlier ages and need the support of those around them. Olympians, world champions, and elite athletes are acknowledging their identities and encouraging youth to be their authentic selves too. Though true, LGBTQ+ youth often do not feel safe in sport (Johnson et al., 2018). My goal of this project is to give youth athletes resources to better understand and include teammates who identify as LGBTQ+, making spaces safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ+ youth athletes. I created a website ( that houses a collection of resources and information specific to LGBTQ+ youth athletes. Among these resources are pages for sport statistics, news, LGBTQ+ language, athlete activities, a sport video library, and resources at the local and national level. Each page has interactive content, making it accessible and engaging for youth. On the language page, youth athletes can find flash cards with LGBTQ+ vocabulary. Hovering over each tile, they can learn vocabulary specific to the LGBTQ+ community. Within the sport statistics page, athletes can hover through a collection of statistics from youth athletes on their feelings of safety and sport avoidance behaviors. Both the news and video library pages connect youth to video and media content highlighting LGBTQ+ athletes. Under the athlete activities tab, athletes will find individual and group activities, educating them on LGBTQ+ experiences, that they can complete with their team. Finally, youth athletes can access resources, both local and national, through the resources tab. Resources include links to such organizations as the Trevor Project, GLSEN, Athlete Ally, and the It Gets Better Campaign. Through my website, youth athletes easily can find new and existing educational materials to better understand and support their LGBTQ+ teammates.


Dr. Vikki Krane

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Dr. Amanda Paule-Koba








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