Master of Education in Applied Human Development Graduate Projects


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a growing phenomenon in the corporate world, and with its growth comes related research. One of the biggest questions surrounding CSR as a part of business plans is whether it has verifiable benefits to the firm. Businesses typically make decisions based on what is best for the firm, so to inquire about the benefits of CSR is natural. Existing literature supports the monetary benefits of CSR as well as identifies non-monetary outcomes that are beneficial to the firm. Amongst the corporate markets that CSR has inhabited, the sport market is unique in its inherent marketing capability due to the enormous viewership and celebrated public status. Literature examining the benefits of CSR in the sport market is sparse in comparison to general business or other specified markets. This project aimed to review and analyze existing literature on the benefits of CSR in both the sport market and general business, and in turn build a conceptual framework of the benefits of CSR to a sport organization. Through the review of ten articles, both empirical and theoretical in design, concepts were found that outlined the beneficial nature of CSR to a business. These findings and concepts were then theoretically related to business concepts typically unique to sport organizations, and a new framework of benefits unique to sport was built.


Sungho Cho

Second Reader

Nancy Spencer








Sport Administration