History Faculty Publications


The Department of History is a community of scholars and students engaged in the creation and communication of knowledge about societies in the past and present.

Please note that the content of this page does not necessarily constitute a comprehensive list of all faculty publications produced by this department.


Submissions from 2020


Inequality, Living Standards and Growth: Two Centuries of Economic Development in Mexico, Ingrid Bleynat, Amilcar Challú, and Paul Segal


Experiences of Teaching in Transition: The Move Online, Spring 2020, Matt Schumann

Submissions from 2019


An Economic Interpretation of Rhode Island’s 1788 Referendum on the Constitution, Ruth Wallis Herndon and John E. Murray

Submissions from 2017


Ambigüedad y rebeldía en el tono económico de El Periquillo Sarniento, Amilcar Challú

Submissions from 2016


Towards an Anthropometric History of Latin America in the Second Half of the Twentieth Century, Amílcar E. Challú and Sergio Silva-Castañeda

Submissions from 2015


Mexico’s Real Wages in the Age of the Great Divergence, 1730-1930, Amilcar Challú

Submissions from 2013


Mapping the Boston Poor: Inmates of the Boston Almshouse, 1795–1801, Ruth Wallis Herndon and Amilcar Challú

Submissions from 2011


Little Founders on the Small Screen: Interpreting a Multicultural American Revolution for Children’s Television, Andrew M. Schocket

Submissions from 2010


American Revolution: New Directions for a New Century, Andrew M. Schocket

Submissions from 2009


Agricultural Crisis and Biological Well-Being in Mexico, 1730-1835, Amilcar Challú


Estatura Y Condiciones De Vida En Tiempos De Morelos, Amilcar Challú

Submissions from 2008


New Approaches to the Founding of the Sierra Leone Colony, 1786–1808, Isaac Land and Andrew M. Schocket

Submissions from 2005


Thinking about Elites in the Early Republic, Andrew M. Schocket

Submissions from 2002


Consolidating Power: Technology, Ideology, and Philadelphia's Growth in the Early Republic, Andrew M. Schocket