How College Instructors Can Maximize Learning in High Achieving Students


This is a project completed by students in HNRS 2020: Critical Thinking about Great Ideas offered at Bowling Green State University.

Under the direction of Dr. Timothy Brackenbury, this honors class sought to give college instructors a resource for teaching high achieving students. As high achieving students, we seek maximized learning within our classrooms, but we sometimes find that maximized learning in college courses can be difficult to obtain. This struggle has posed a few questions, which include: What can be done to maximize learning for high achieving students? What are interesting and innovative methods that can be used to better appeal to high achieving students? With these questions in mind, the class delved deeply into scholarship of teaching and learning literature. In addition, we interviewed over forty professors and high achieving students across all disciplines. The combination of the literature and the interviews led the class to several major themes that are critical in maximizing learning for high achieving students. These themes are explained in an innovative way on the interactive website linked here. We encourage you to spend some time on the Teaching High Achieving Students website to learn more about this impactful subject. Enjoy!

Credit goes to the following students: Emily Little (TA), Codey Albers, Ryley Baker, Rachel Bianculli, Heidi Brubaker, Alexandra Butler, Tarynn Clune, Katherine D'Angelo, Riley Delben, Jennifer Dietz, Sarah Drummer, Erica Eskins, Karley Jones, Jessica Katzenmeyer, Julie Kessler, Rebeccah Knoop, Kelsey Melendez, Hattie Molina, Alexandra Neltner, Madison Pittman, Phillip Rich, Jared Schramm, Mason Settle, Grace Vilem.