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This study examined the close friendships of women student affairs professionals and explored the influences of career mobility on those relationships. Data were collected in individual interviews. Participants included 14 women ages 27 to 45 (8 single, 6 partnered; 4 Black or African American, 10 White or Caucasian; 4 lesbian, 10 heterosexual) All had a master’s degree (from 6 institutions in 4 states) in student affairs, 4 had a doctorate (from 2 universities in 2 states). The women were living in five states and working at 10 colleges and universities in the West, South, and Midwest. Two were working at community colleges, 5 at small private colleges, and 7 at large four-year universities. Primary responsibilities were in six different functional areas. Participants defined close friendship and described the challenges of making professional and personal transitions. Implications for the student affairs profession are considered.

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Copyright © <2000> The Johns Hopkins University Press. This article first appeared in Journal of College Student Development, Volume <41>, Issue <5>, , <2000>, pages <529-543>.

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