Doctor of Musical Arts Dissertations

A Study of the Relationship Between Traditional Peking Opera and Contemporary Western Percussion Music in Mu Kuei-Yin in Percussion by Chien-Hui Hung

Isabelle Streng, Bowling Green State University


The art of traditional music has diminished in significance in educational and cultural institutions in Taiwan and has been gradually replaced by Western music in schools and concerts. Some artists in Taiwan have observed the potential impact of the loss of this vibrant art form and have tried new ways to regain the public's attention. Taiwanese composer Chien-Hui Hung and the Ju Percussion Group have done numerous cross-cultural productions incorporating traditional arts with Western concert music as an effort to preserve and regain attention for Taiwanese culture. The aim of this study is to examine one of these endeavors to combine traditional arts and modern Western percussion music in Chien-Hui Hung's Mu Kuei-Yin In Percussion. This doctoral document is the first to discuss Chien-Hui Hung's music and her working relationship with Ju Percussion Group.

Chapter One of this document consists of the author's interview with the composer discussing her musical background, education, relationship with Ju Percussion Group, and her view of the current development of music in Taiwan - both Western and traditional. Chapter Two is a brief introduction to Peking Opera. Chapter Three is a study of the traditional Peking Opera play, Mu Kuei-Yin Takes Command, from which the composer draw inspirations for her work Mu Kuei-Yin In Percussion. Chapter Four is an analysis of Mu Kuei-Yin In Percussion, both individually and in relation to Mu Kuei-Yin Takes Command.