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The purpose of this research was to assess the services needed by offenders who are soon going to be released. As a result, we recruited all incarcerated persons in jails, prisons and community-based correctional facilities (CBCFs) in Ohio who would be returning to the Wood County area upon release (i.e., we recruited incarcerated individuals who had a Wood County, OH address as their last place of residence prior to their most recent incarceration, or were arrested in and processed through Wood County courts). We designed a survey for individuals in Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) custody containing questions related to reentry needs and challenges. Only inmates who resided in Wood County, Ohio prior to their incarceration were eligible to take the survey. The survey questions were designed to gain insight into:

  1. What are the services needed by the reentering offenders after a period of incarceration?
  2. What are the gaps in services in Wood County for reentering offenders?
  3. Does services utilization reduces recidivism among offenders?
  4. What are the gaps in offender reentry services?

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Spring 4-11-2015