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In 2017, the United States Department of Health and Human Services declared a national opioid epidemic. As a result of widespread prescription and non-medical use, the opioid crisis has had devastating impact on Ohioans, including college aged adults. Bowling Green State University took action in 2018 to address the opioid epidemic by hosting a university-wide Teach-In focused on opioids, “Changing the Story.” The Teach-In included engagement of faculty, community members, administration, staff, and students to increase knowledge of resources and connect the population with secondary prevention and treatment services. The Teach-In resulted in the development of an original film and course modules focused on bringing attention and awareness to the college campus. During the Teach-In, 447 session evaluations were collected; 75% or more of session respondents had strong agreement that the Teach-In location was accessible, speakers were knowledgeable, and the topic was important to be addressed on the college campus. Encouragingly, > 60% indicated a strong agreement that their knowledge on the subject increased as a result of the session, the teaching methods were appropriate, knowledge regarding resources increased, and that the session provided them with ideas that could be used to understand or address the opioid crisis. The majority indicated that they would attend another Teach-In and would recommend future events to friends or colleagues.

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Spring 5-20-2019