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Practical Program Outcomes Assessment - A Case Study

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Conference proceeding from the International Conference on Engineering Education, Puerto Rico, July 2006, pp. T1A1-T1A5.

In this paper, we characterize assessment in terms of outcomes that indicate that the stated objectives are met, and assessment methods that measure outcomes at desired levels of performance. We consider factors such as the need for some direct measures, issues of faculty buyin, the extra cost of formal assessment, etc. We identify two assessment methods, neither of which is new, but brought together, make it practical to assess many common outcomes. The Faculty Course Assessment Report (FCAR), developed by John Estell, provides for directly assessing course outcomes, which are mapped to program outcomes. The second direct assessment method involves using an Industry Advisory Board (IAB) in evaluating capstone courses. Here, many program outcomes, including students’ employability, are assessed. We discuss why these methods are practical and desirable. We describe some implementation considerations, as well as supplementary methods. Finally, we consider the need for an integrated approach to assessment.

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ICEE 2006 - International Conference on Engineering Education

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