Computer Science Faculty Publications


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Submissions from 2021


Low Hydrophobic Mismatch Scores Calculated for HLA-A/B/DR/DQ Loci Improve Kidney Allograft Survival, Dulat Bekbolsynov, Beata Mierzejewska, Jadwiga Borucka, Robert S. Liwski, Anna L. Greenshields, Joshua Breidenbach, Bradley Gehring, Shravan Leonard-Murali, Sadik A. Khuder, Michael Rees, Robert C. Green II, and Stanislaw M. Stepkowski

Submissions from 2010

Evaluation of Keyword Selection on Gene Clustering in Biomedical Literature Mining, Venu G. Dasigi, O. Karam, and S. Pydimarri

Submissions from 2009

Issues with Online STEM Education - Assessment and Accreditation, Venu G. Dasigi and Han Reichgelt

LITSEEK: Enhancing Public Health Literature Search by Query Expansion with External Knowledge Bases, P. Prabhu, S. Navathe, S. Tyler, N. Narkhede, B. Palanisamy, and Venu G. Dasigi

Submissions from 2006

Practical Program Outcomes Assessment - A Case Study, Venu G. Dasigi

Text Analysis of MEDLINE for Discovering Functional Relationships among Genes: Evaluation of Keyword Extraction Weighting Schemes, Ying Liu, Venu Dasigi, Shamkant B. Navathe, Alex Pivoshenko, Ray Dingledine, and Brian J. Ciliax

Submissions from 2005

Text Mining Biomedical Literature for Discovering Gene-to-Gene Relationships: A Comparative Study of Algorithms, Ying Liu, Venu Dasigi, Shamkant B. Navathe, Jorge Civera, Ashwin Ram, Brian J. Ciliax, and Ray Dingledine

Submissions from 2004

Securing Organizational Knowledge Using Automated Annotation, S. Kadiyala, K. Namuduri, and Venu G. Dasigi

Comparison of Two Schemes for Automatic Keyword Extraction from MEDLINE for Functional Gene Clustering, Y. Liu, B. Ciliax, K. Borges, Venu G. Dasigi, A. Ram, S. Navathe, and R. Dingledine

Submissions from 2001

Information Fusion for Text Classification –– an Experimental Comparison, Venu Dasigi, Reinhold C. Mann, and Vladimir A. Protopopescu

Submissions from 2000

Catalog of Common Bugs in C++ Programming, Venu Dasigi

Submissions from 1996

C++ > C + OOP (A Personal View of Teaching Introductory Programming Using C/C++), Venu Dasigi

Submissions from 1994

Logical Form Generation as Abduction - Part II. A Dual-Route Parsimonious Covering Approach, Venu Dasigi

Logical Form Generation as Abduction - Part I. Representation of Linguistic Concepts, Venu Dasigi

Submissions from 1989

Parsimonious Covering as a Method for Natural Language Interfaces to Expert Systems, Venu Dasigi and James Reggia

Submissions from 1987


Power Series Solution to a Simple Pendulum with Oscillating Support, Mohammad Dadfar and James Geer

Submissions from 1984


Perturbation Analysis of the Limit Cycle of the Free Van Der Pol Equation, Mohammad Dadfar, James Geer, and Carl M. Andersen