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We employ femtosecond transient absorption spectroscopy to get an insight into ultrafast processes occurring at the interface of type II ZnSe/CdS heterostructured nimocrystals fabricated via colloidal routes and comprising a barbell-like arrangement of ZnSe tips and CdS nanorods. Our study shows that resonant excitation of ZnSe tips results in an unprecedently fast transfer of excited Electrons into CdS domains of nanobarbells (<0.35 ps), whereas selective pumping of CdS components loads to a relatively slow injection of photoinduced holes into ZnSe tips (tau(h) = 95 ps). A qualitative thermodynamic description of observed electron processes within the classical limit of Marcus theory was used to identify a specific charge transfer regime associated with the ultrafast electron injection into CdS. Potential photocatalytic applications of the observed fast separation of carriers along the main axis of ZnSe/CdS barbells are discussed.

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ACS Nano


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