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A new Ru(II) complex is described which serves as a luminescence lifetime-based sensor for fluoride and cyanide anions (KF = 640 000 mol-1, KCN = 430 000 mol-1). This chromophore displays observable changes in its UV-vis and steady-state luminescence spectra upon cyanide binding. Prior to cyanide addition, this complex exhibits a single-exponential lifetime (tau = 377 +/- 20 ns). With increasing cyanide concentrations, the intensity decays are composed of two exponentials: long tau (320-370 ns) and short tau (13-17 ns). The average lifetimes shorten as a function of cyanide concentration since the fractional intensity shifts from an initial dominant long lifetime component to the short lifetime component. This work represents the first example of a direct method for the luminescence lifetime-based sensing of anions.

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Journal Of The American Chemical Society

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