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We have probed single-molecule redox reaction dynamics of hemin (chloride) adsorbed on Ag nanoparticle surfaces by single-molecule surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SMSERS) combined with spectroelectrochemistry. Redox reaction at the molecule/Ag interface is identified and probed by the prominent fluctuations of the Raman frequency of a specific vibrational mode, nu(4), which is a typical marker of the redox state of the iron center in a hemin molecule. On the basis of the autocorrelation and cross-correlation analysis of the single-molecule Raman spectral trajectories and the control measurements of single-molecule spectroelectochemistry and electrochemical STM, we suggest that the single-molecule redox reaction dynamics at the hemin Ag interface is primarily driven by thermal fluctuations. The spontaneous fluctuation dynamics of the single-molecule redox reaction is measured under no external electric potential across the molecule metal interfaces, which provides a novel and unique approach to characterize the interfacial electron transfer at the molecule metal interfaces. Our demonstrated approaches are powerful for obtaining molecular coupling and dynamics involved in interfacial electron transfer processes. The new information obtained is critical for a further understanding, design, and manipulation of the charge transfer processes at the molecule metal interface or metal-molecule-metal junctions, which are fundamental elements in single-molecule electronics, catalysis, and solar energy conversion.

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Journal Of The American Chemical Society


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