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The first edition of this booklet, An Overview of the Evolution of Bowling Green State University Athletics Programs, 1941-2015 by Professor Emeritus Janet Parks, was published in 2015. That publication had two objectives: (1) to record the long and close relationship between the BGSU athletic department and the health & physical education department, and (2) to provide information about the history of BGSU women’s athletics.

With respect to relationships between health & physical education and athletics, the revised edition retains the information that was in the 2015 version. It supplements that information with descriptions of personnel and structural decisions made in health & physical education and athletics between 1915 and 1949.

The second objective, to expand the understanding of the history of BGSU women's athletics, remains relatively unchanged in this edition. Most of this information was gleaned from Forward Falcons: Women's Sports at Bowling Green State University, 1914-1982 (2010), which was based in large part on articles in the BG News and the Key. In addition, two documents were added to the Afterword section—a newspaper article about the use of the word "ladies" in women's sports and a list of the dates of inaugural championships in selected women's intercollegiate sports.

Information in this overview will be useful to the Athletic Department as well as to administrators, faculty, and students in the Physical Education and Health Education Program, Sport Management Program, Marketing and Brand Strategy, University Advancement, Alumni Office, Student Engagement and Success, Admissions, and many other University entities.

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Overview of the History of BGSU Physical Education and Athletics Programs 1915-2024 (Revised Edition)