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An Overview of the Evolution of Bowling Green State University Athletics, written by Professor Emeritus Janet Parks, is a report on the BGSU Athletics Program from 1941-2015, including the relationships between the program and the Health and Physical Education Departments, some common misconceptions, and information about media guides. The purpose of the report was to fill two voids in the story of the evolution of BGSU men’s and women’s athletics programs. First, the history of the long and close relationship between the health & physical education departments and athletics had never before been recorded. That relationship is chronicled in the first section of this report. Another void existed in the understanding of the history of BGSU women’s athletics. Ann Bowers, Addie Hostetler Muti, and Janet Parks conducted extensive research about the women’s programs and published their findings in Forward Falcons (2010, Publishing). The second and third sections of this report contain information from Forward Falcons and other sources about varsity letters, “club” teams, the four BGSU women’s heritage sports, and eight of the nine contemporary sports offered at BGSU. Information in this report will be useful to personnel in the Athletics Department, Marketing and Communication, University Advancement, Alumni Affairs, Student Affairs, Admissions, and many other University entities.

Part of the University Archives, catalog number pUA 1980.

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An Overview of the Evolution of Bowling Green State University Athletics Programs 1941-2015