American Culture Studies Ph.D. Dissertations


Living the Fat Body: Women's Experiences and Relationships with Their Bodies and Popular Culture

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


American Culture Studies

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Lesa Lockford (Advisor)

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Sandra Faulkner (Committee Member)

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Kimberly Coates (Committee Member)

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Madeline Duntley (Other)


Beginning from Foucault's notion that "where there is power, there is resistance," I uncover how fat people are at any given time accepting, resisting, and/or subverting the oppressive power embedded in social norms surrounding their bodies (95). Each chapter reveals a new layer, a new complication as to how, why, and when individuals are (un)able, (un)willing, and/or (un)certain about how they can and are treating their own and other people's fat bodies. In my study, I take as a given that behavior is fluid, ever changing, shifting, and in progress. My study demonstrates how media messages are being accepted, resisted, re-appropriated, altered, internalized, and/or ignored by individuals; thus, my study brings focus to the complex relationships fat people have surrounding their subjectivity, their sense of power, agency, and ability to resist, as well as the interplay of the intersections of their social identities, and their sense of embodiment and the performance of their fat body.