Personality instrument have been used in college classrooms to help students understand how their interpersonal behaviors will effect their professional work. This investigation assessed 1) how students majoring in commercial recreation have changed in personality over a five year time frame, from traditional college student to practicing professional and 2) which demographic variables have influenced these changes.

Forty-six students completed a self-assessment personality inventory, Fundamental Interpersonal Relations OrientationBehavior (FIRO-B). Five years later, the same individuals completed the FIRO-B and demographic questionnaire. Twenty-six responded.

The findings suggest a majority of students who changed in personality categories, however, these changes were not statistically significant. Additionally, demographic variables showed no relationship with the changes in personality. These findings indicate the use of personality assessments in undergraduate courses may be a predictor of interpersonal behavior in the professional setting and may be helpful in preparing students to understand their professional style.