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The 20-Year Trajectory of Marital Quality in Enduring Marriages: Does Equity Matter?

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I examine the trajectory of marital quality as a function of relationship equity with data from a six-wave panel study of 704 married respondents between 1980 and 2000. Reporting that one "gives more" to the marriage (subjective underbenefit) is more likely for women than men at any given marital duration. Respondent's relative contribution to income, paid labor, housework, and health (objective underbenefit) raises this probability for women of average religiosity. For the more religious, objective underbenefit has no effect on women's sense of underbenefit, but reduces men's sense of underbenefit. Objective underbenefit lowers women's, but raises men's, marital quality, at any marital duration. The relevance of equity was not diluted by the passage of time in marriage.

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Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

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