The Ray Browne Conference on Cultural and Critical Studies is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Ray Broadus Browne (1922-2009), a visionary and pioneer in the academic study of popular culture. A folklorist and literary scholar, Dr. Browne was instrumental in the expansion of popular culture studies and founded the Center for Popular Culture Studies, the BGSU Department of Popular Culture, the Popular Press (now at the University of Wisconsin), the Popular Culture Association, the Journal of Popular Culture, and the Popular Culture Library, which now bears the names of he and his wife, Alice Maxine “Pat” Browne (1932-2013).

The conference aims to create a space for inter- and cross-disciplinary dialogue in the fields of Popular Culture Studies, Cultural Studies, American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Women's Studies, Communications, History, Literature, Rhetoric and related fields. We welcome scholars at various points in their careers, from faculty members through to undergraduate students, in collaboration and mutual respect.

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2021: Considering Conclusions: What Do We Learn When We Unpack the Popular?
2020: Collections, Curation, and Collectors: An Exploration of Gathering
2018: Borders and Borderlands
2017: Intersections of Identities: Difference and Coalition in a Transnational Context
2016: Time and Timelessness: Conceptions of the Past, Present, and Future in Cultural Studies
2015: Cultural Landscapes and Critical Possibilities: Perspective on the Local & Global