Political Science Faculty Publications


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Submissions from 2023


Political Competition and Judicial Independence: How Courts Fill the Void When Legislatures Are Ineffective, Joshua Boston, David Carlson, J. Brandon Duck-Mayr, and Greg Sasso


Your Honor’s Misdeeds: The Consequences of Judicial Scandal on Specific and Diffuse Support, Joshua Boston, Benjamin J. Kassow, Ali S. Masood, and David R. Miller


The Electoral Connection in Court: How Sentencing Responds to Voter Preferences, Joshua Boston and Bernardo S. Silveira


Promoting Information and Visual Literacy Skills in Undergraduate Students using Infographics, Nicole Kalaf-Hughes

Submissions from 2021


Do collective bargaining rights save lives? A rare event analysis of firefighter fatalities in the United States, Dominic Wells

Submissions from 2016


Small States in the International System: At Peace and at War, Neal G. Jesse and John Dreyer

Submissions from 2015

Governors, Governance and Insurgency in Afghanistan: The Limits of Professionalism, Neil A. Englehart


Contesting Immigration Policy in Court: Legal Activism and Its Radiating Effects in the United States and France, Leila Kawar

Why do Secondary States Choose to Support, Follow, or Challenge?, Steven E. Lobell, Neal G. Jesse, and Kristen P. Williams

Submissions from 2014

Swiss Neutrality Examined: Model or Exception or Both, John Dreyer and Neal G. Jesse


CEDAW and Gender Violence: An Empirical Assessment, Neil A. Englehart

CEDAW Effect: International Law’s Impact on Women’s Rights, Neil A. Englehart and Melissa Miller


Commanding Legality: The Juridification of Immigration Policymaking in France, Leila Kawar


Making the Machine Work: Technocratic Engineering of Rights for Domestic Workers at the International Labour Organization, Leila Kawar

Submissions from 2013


Défendre la cause des étrangers en justice aux Etats-Unis, Leila Kawar

Teaching and Practicing the Politics of Immigrant Rights in 'America's Whitest State', Leila Kawar

Submissions from 2012

Responsibility to Report? The Democratic People's Republic of Korea in Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch Reporting, Neil A. Englehart


Two Cheers for Burma’s Rigged Election, Neil A. Englehart


Juridical Framings of Immigrants in the United States and France: Courts, Social Movements, and Symbolic Politics, Leila Kawar


New Directions in Comparative Public Law, Leila Kawar and Mark Fathi Massoud

Social Well-Being in Northern Ireland: A Longitudinal Study, 1958-1998, G. Dale Thomas and Neal G. Jesse


Beyond great powers and hegemons : why secondary states support, follow or challenge, Kristen P. Williams, Steven E. Lobell, and Neal G. Jesse

Submissions from 2011

Liberal Leviathan or Imperial Outpost?: J. S. Furnivall on Colonial Rule in Burma, Neil A. Englehart

What Makes Civil Society Civil? The State and Social Groups, Neil A. Englehart


Ethnic Conflict: A Systematic Approach to Cases of Conflict, Neal G. Jesse and Kristen P. Williams


Finding a Place for Marginal Migrants in the International Human Rights System, Leila Kawar


Legal Mobilization on the Terrain of the State: Immigrant Rights Practice in Two National Legal Fields, Leila Kawar

Submissions from 2010

Representing civilization: Solidarism, ornamentalism, and Siam’s entry into international society, Neil A. Englehart


Tale of Two Afghanistans: Comparative Governance and Insurgency in the North and South, Neil A. Englehart


Legality and [Dis]membership: Removal of Citizenship and the Creation of ‘Virtual Immigrants', Leila Kawar

Exploring Stakeholder Values and Interests in Evaluation, Shannon Orr

Submissions from 2009

State Capacity, State Failure and Human Rights, Neil A. Englehart


Failing States and Failing Regimes, Neil A. Englehart and Marc V. Simon

Submissions from 2008


Protecting Paradise: a Cross-National Analysis of Biome-Protection Policies, Candace Archer and Shannon Orr

Resource Conflict and Ethnic Peace in Northern Thailand, Neil A. Englehart

Experimenting with a ‘Third Way" in Political Knowledge Estimation, Melissa Miller and Shannon Orr

Submissions from 2007

Governments Against States: The Logic of Self-Destructive Despotism, Neil A. Englehart

Contemporary Irish Neutrality: Still a Singular Stance, Neal G. Jesse

Submissions from 2006

Welcome to World Peace, Neil A. Englehart and Charles Kurzman

Choosing to Go It Alone: Irish Neutrality in Theoretical and Comparative Perspective, Neal G. Jesse

Policy Subsystems and Regimes: Organized Interests and Climate Change Policy, Shannon Orr

Submissions from 2005


Is Regime Change Enough For Burma? The Problem of State Capacity, Neil A. Englehart

Tradition of Knowledge About Myanmar: J.S. Furnivall on Colonial Rule, Neil A. Englehart


Identities and Institutions: Conflict Reduction in Divided Societies, Neal G. Jesse and Kristen P. Williams


Illegal Aliens, Leila Kawar


Plyler v Doe, Leila Kawar

New Technologies and Research Methodology: An Analysis of Internet surveys in political science, Shannon Orr

Submissions from 2003

Effect of Term Limits on the Election of Minority State Legislators, Stanley M. Caress, Charles Elder, Richard Elling, Jean-Philippe Faletta, Shannon Orr, Eric Rader, Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson, John Strate, and Lyke Thompson


Consequences of a Constructed Universal: Democracy and Civil Rights in the Modern State, Neil A. Englehart


Democracy and the Thai Middle Class: Globalization, Modernization, and Constitutional Change, Neil A. Englehart

Representing Civilization: King Chulalongkorn's European Travels, Neil A. Englehart

Party System Change in Advanced Democracies, Neal G. Jesse

Submissions from 2002

A Nested Game Approach to Political and Economic Liberalization in Democratizing States: The Case of South Korea, Neal G. Jesse; Uk Heo; and Karl DeRouen, Jr.

International Regime Analysis of Outer Space Policy, Shannon Orr

Submissions from 2001


Culture and power in traditional Siamese government, Neil A. Englehart

Term Limits Effects on the Electoral Environment and Composition of the California State Assembly and Michigan State House of Representatives, Jean-Philippe Faletta, Charles Elder, Shannon Orr, Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson, Eric Rader, Mary Herring, and Stanley Caress

Naturally Occurring Quasi-Experiment in the States: Research on Term Limits in Michigan, Shannon Orr, Eric Rader, Jean-Philippe Faletta, Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson, Charles Elder, Lyke Thompson, John Strate, and Richard Elling

Resolving Nationalist Conflicts: Constructing Overlapping Identities and Pooling Sovereignty--The 1998 Northern Irish Peace Agreement, Kristen P. Williams and Neal Jesse

Submissions from 2000


Rights and Culture in the Asian Values Argument: The Rise and Fall of Confucian Ethics in Singapore, Neil A. Englehart

Does the transfer of votes really matter?, Neal G. Jesse

Submissions from 1999


Logo or libel? Chief Wahoo, Multiculturalism, and the Politics of Sports Mascots, Neil A. Englehart

Candidate success in multi-member districts: an investigation of Duverger and Cox, Neal G. Jesse

Submissions from 1998

Falling into a Niche: Institutional Equilibrium between Plurality and Proportional Representation for Large Political Parties, Neal G. Jesse

Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Shannon Orr

Submissions from 1996

Thatcher's Rise and Fall: An Institutional Analysis of the Tory Party Leadership Selection Process, Neal G. Jesse