SWANA. Queer. Immigrant. Punk.: Finding Family at YallaPunk

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In this entry, Prof. Michael A. Figueroa, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, interviews Rana Fayez, founder of YallaPunk, a community organization based in Philadelphia, PA. YallaPunk has been redefining the narrative since 2016 through programming and documenting artistic contributions and accomplishments including but not limited to music, film, art, poetry, comedy, and much more. During their conversation, Figueroa and Fayez chart the genesis, development, and philosophy of YallaPunk and discuss the organization's future activities. Of particular note are YallaPunk’s role as a queer-affirming space for SWANA (Southwest Asian and North African) community that connects people with one another and to the variegated cultures within the region and its diasporas.

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