Master of Technology Management Plan II Graduate Projects

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Fall 12-12-2014

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This project work is about setting up a server for the Electronics and computer Lab of the ECET department. The current server used in this lab runs OpenBSD 3.3. OpenBSD is a Unix-like operating system which offers services such as mail server, web server, ftp server, DNS server, router, firewall, or NFS file server. However this version of openBSD is obsolete and several versions has been developed over the years, the recent version is openBSD 5.6. Furthermore, openBSD has no graphic user interface (GUI). It accepts and processes command through the command line interface. Hence, it can be defined as not being so user friendly.

Zentyal is a variant of Linux operating system. It is to be used in this project as a server for the ECET lab. Zentyal offers same functions as OpenBSD and much more. This variant of Linux was chosen because it is free and more user friendly. It has a graphic user interface and also has a well-integrated management tools. It will serve as a gateway between the computers in the lab and the BGSU wireless network and also as a file server for the ECET lab. The Zentyal server hardware also uses a wireless network interface card to connect to the BGSU network, thereby providing more flexibility in connection. The phases of this project involve obtaining the needed hardware and installation of the Zentyal operation system. Putting all the computers of the ECET lab on one network (LAN network) and connecting to the server. The server will serve as a gateway (router) to the internet through the BGSU network. Other functionalities Zentyal operating system offers is going to be explored such as Network address translation (NAT) and Firewall.

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