Master of Technology Management Plan II Graduate Projects

Date of Award

Winter 12-14-2016

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Technology Management-Construction Management


Architecture and Environmental Design

First Advisor

Dr. Ghada M. Gad

Second Advisor

Dr. Alan Atalah


The construction industry is a complex and competitive industry in which different participants with different expertise, talents, and levels of knowledge work together to achieve their objectives and complete a project. Sine different participants with different interest involve in a construction project, therefore, conflicts arise and become inevitable. Conflicts in projects will cause an adversarial environment which result to disputes. Hence, if conflicts are not well managed and resolved in a timely manner, they quickly turn into disputes, which prevent the successful completion of the construction project, in terms of cost and time, and increasing the potential for poor project performance and failures. It has also been conceived that selecting the most appropriate project delivery and management method is a key to reduce disputes on a project. Hence, having an early and important decision to select the right Project Delivery Method is critical in order to have a successful result.

This research empirically addresses the impact of PDM selection on severity and frequency of the disputes, which based on such a choice can result in. As a result, this study is discussing whether the PDM selection can affect the type and severity of the disputes in projects or not. This study had been conducted with the collaboration of U.S. Department of Transportation and can help those people who are making a decision to select an appropriate PDM and sign the construction contracts under the best PDM selection in order to gain the best results based on their choice.