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Over the course of the semester, we have read many texts that would have been useful one way or another in our film project. We selected five texts to help us develop the plot of our film: Zahra 's Paradise, Toward the African Revolution, Tulip in the Desert, Pyongyang, and Maskarade from Mixed Company. Combining the themes of these works with the traditional hopeful tones of classic Doctor Who episodes, we were able to blend them all together into one believable-though fictitious-universe. When the Doctor arrives to the planet the Humans have colonized, he instantly realizes that something is a little off. As the film develops, he discovers that the Ipthins are taught at a separate school, denied their freedoms, kept from interacting with humans after childhood, and being punished by humans in ways that are illegal. Using his sonic screwdriver and diverse knowledge of colonization, the Doctor is able to help the two races of people put aside their differences and gives them hope that they may have a better, more harmonious future.