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The Impact of Training and a Mindfulness Phone App Among Academic Advisors

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Leadership Studies

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Paul Johnson (Advisor)

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Cynthia Bertelsen (Other)

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Robert Gotfried (Committee Member)

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Kristina LaVenia (Committee Member)

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Matthew Lavery (Committee Member)


This study examined the effectiveness of a mindfulness professional training session (MindfulnessPD) on usage of the 10% Happier phone app among academic advisors and the app's influence on levels of mindfulness and perceived stress. To date, there is a lack of research regarding the effectiveness of in-person mindfulness training on increasing usage of a mindfulness app for improving mindfulness and lowering perceived stress among academic advisors. A quantitative design was used to sample academic advisors (n = 33) at a large, state university in the Midwest. Paired samples t-tests indicated increased levels of mindfulness on the Mindfulness Attention and Awareness Scale (MAAS) and decreased levels of perceived stress on the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) among app users. The in-person MindfulnessPD training appeared to increase app usage and as a result, the 10% Happier app users reported increased mindfulness and decrease perceived stress. Finally, 85% of participants agreed that practicing mindfulness was beneficial to their self-care and wellbeing.