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Drowning amongst older people is a growing concern. Exploring demographic and other factors associated with unintentional drowning incidents amongst older adults may assist to identify key target groups and refine prevention strategies. This study sought to examine the heterogeneity of older individuals who have drowned and identify population subgroups in Western Australia (WA). A cluster analysis was used to segment the population by examining coronial data 2001-2018 (n = 93). Analysis identified four groups; 1) ‘men who boat & fish in company’ 2) ‘affluent men with poor health’ 3) ‘non-drinkers who boat and fish’, and 4) ‘older men, who slipped or fell’. Males aged 65-74 years were particularly at-risk while participating in various aquatic activities such as boating, fishing (incl. rock-fishing) and swimming/recreating. This study provided insights into an underserved area and will directly inform the development of new strategies for this target group in WA.

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