Honors Projects


I wanted to use my honors project as a way to apply the knowledge I have gained through my classes to assess the impact the arts have on the economy and the community as a whole in the Greater Toledo Area. I did this through researching, evaluating and assessing arts organization on a local, state and national level. I looked into the programs and services that those organizations offer to artists and arts related organizations. I also looked into research that was done on the affect the arts and creative industry as a whole has on the economy. My interest in this subject was fostered by the internship that I had this past summer with the Arts Commission of Greater Toledo. I believe that creating an environment where artists can thrive in the Greater Toledo Area is vital to the enhancement and revitalization of Toledo’s economy.



First Advisor

Aimee Reid

First Advisor Department

Theatre and Film

Second Advisor

Michael Carroll

Second Advisor Department


Publication Date

Spring 2014

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