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This children's book is about mainstreaming a deaf student into a public school composed of predominantly hearing children, and the eventual friendship between that student and a hearing student. The majority of deaf students are educated in hearing schools and experience high rates of social isolation as a result of the inability to communicate with their peers. In order to create this book, there was collaboration between a communication disorders major and a creative writing major in order to create a realistic portrayal yet creative learning tool for children at a young age. We chose to aim our book at a younger age group in order to establish early on that a deaf person is no different than a hearing person and to then encourage the importance of building a friendship. Our hope is that by reading this book, children will grasp how to act in a situation where they meet a deaf person, specifically in school, and how to overcome the communication barriers in order to make a new friend.


Creative Writing


Creative Writing

First Advisor

Abigail Cloud

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Second Advisor

Annette Barga

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Publication Date

Winter 12-14-2015