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BGSU Sport Performance Team Update


The pandemic has been a life altering event that many have struggled to cope with. During the beginning of the pandemic, around April and May, many Americans realized how important their routines, hobbies, and jobs had been to their happiness and fulfillment. People found it hard to deal with the loss of jobs, cancellations of events, and the increased anxiety that accompanies the appearance of a disease with unknown effects on the human body. Among the many groups that struggled with the onset of the pandemic were college students, especially student athletes. It was hard for athletes to cope with the loss of their seasons and with their separation from friends and teammates. I am a swimmer on the BGSU Swim and Dive team. My season was abruptly ended by the pandemic and I know many athletes on other teams who experienced lost or postponed seasons or cancelled competitions. Many athletes were confused about what to do; some stayed at their colleges alone while others went home. Both of these options were large adjustments. Because of the inability to practice, attend classes, spend time with friends, go to events, and more, many student athletes struggled. As the initial weeks turned to months, many realized they needed help in a variety of ways, such as mental health resources, nutrition, workouts, and academic help. Although there are many resources available on our campus, finding the proper assistance is not always easy. Many did not know where to turn. To address this important issue, I began to wonder whether it would be possible to construct a website that could be devoted to helping BGSU student athletes get connected to the resources they need.

During project development, I needed to know what purposes the site would serve. It was critically important to understand student athlete needs, especially across different sports. The research questions I considered varied considerably. It was evident that many athletes need help with their mental health, but it was less clear exactly what concerns student athletes have about their mental health. I also began to consider what concerns student athletes have according to sport and according to gender, as it is critical to answer these questions in order for the site to be effective in providing adequate resources for all student athletes. Finally, I realized it would be essential for me to investigate what services BGSU currently offers and the extent to which student athletes are able to gain access to those services. Answering these questions helped in the development of my project idea and will ensure my final product is as helpful as possible for student athletes now and for years to come.



First Advisor

Dr. Dryw Dworsky

First Advisor Department


Second Advisor

Dr. Vikki Krane

Second Advisor Department

Sport Management

Third Advisor

Dr. Chet Hesson

Publication Date

Spring 4-9-2020

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