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As a preservice teacher, I have always been taught that mathematics should be relatable to students. My future students live in a tumultuous society with many social justice issues affecting them. In the endeavor to connect mathematics to the real world, I sought to intertwine social justice topics into mathematics lessons. My research question is: How do social justice topics support preservice mathematics teachers’ endeavors to enrich their future students’ educations? I conducted a two-part professional development workshop for preservice teachers at Bowling Green State University about teaching mathematics for social justice in order to answer this question. There was a significant shift in mindset as tracked from a pre-survey to a post-survey, leading me to conclude that this workshop was effective in preparing preservice teachers to teach mathematics for social justice.


Adolescent Young Adult


Integrated Mathematics Education

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Dr. Jonathan D. Bostic

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Dr. Heath A. Diehl

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Fall 12-12-2021