Honors Projects


Stress to Success: A Children's Book About Handling Stressful Situations


For this project, I investigated the importance of bibliotherapy with school-aged children through the construction of my own children’s book that is focused around social-emotional aspects that are important for development. In particular, this children’s book was focused around different stressful events that can occur in a child’s life. This project allowed me to have a hands-on approach in researching this central topic. Another major goal for this project was that it granted me the ability to create a physical copy of a book that I will be able to use as a tool in my future career working with elementary school-aged children. Therefore, the research behind this project was heavily aimed at the topic of how and in what instances bibliotherapy is utilized. The topic of the construction of children’s books was also researched. Having the knowledge and actual application of bibliotherapy will be highly beneficial to me for the future in both graduate school and career settings.



First Advisor

Dr. Robin DuFresne

First Advisor Department

Mental Health and School Counselling

Second Advisor

Dr. Susan Peet

Second Advisor Department

Human Development and Family Studies

Publication Date

Spring 4-16-2021

StresstoSuccess.pdf (35694 kB)

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