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This research looks specifically at a college-level course associated with the EDTL 4900: Ireland! Crossing Borders and Building Bridges study abroad program. The ideals of expeditionary learning guided the development of the course assignments and curriculum, the choice of field experiences, and the teaching styles that were utilized while abroad. The paper is an analysis based upon the experiences the student leader had while abroad taking into the duel role the student leader had while experiencing the expeditions and culture of a new country and leading a group of students through their first venture abroad. Due to the need for a reflection-based way of analyzing the student leader’s experience, the process of autoethnography was selected as the method of research for this study.


Adolescent Young Adult


Integrated Mathematics Education

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John Fischer

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Educational Foundations, Leadership and Policy

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Heath Diehl

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Honors Program

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Nancy Patterson

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Spring 7-10-2018