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“World sits outside the door, A voice in your heart is calling, The ends of the world await, Traveling daughter, Feel the sunshine on your face, Starlight guides your feet, Earth and Sky will carry you, Journey after journey, One mountain to the next, Voice in your heart is calling.” (Abigail Washburn, “Song of the Traveling Daughter” translated from Mandarin Chinese)

My family keeps me safe, but it is this safety that protects me from the discomfort that is necessary for growth. Like Abigail Washburn’s “voices,” my discontent and my curiosity call me to venture far beyond what I can see from my parent’s porch. Yet, those familial roots will always keep me grounded. I am a traveling daughter—carrying my family, my upbringing, and those values with me wherever I go.

Inspired by Abigail Washburn’s “Song of the Traveling Daughter,” I have adopted the title, “From A Traveling Daughter,” as a reminder of why I embark on a journey across the Pacific to grapple with the struggles of life and aging and to cherish shared moments of kindness and thoughtfulness. Really, I am a daughter of the human race, and I hope that I can continue to learn from the rest of my human family–the people that I meet along my life journey.


Environmental Science

First Advisor

Lynn Whitney

First Advisor Department

School of Art

Second Advisor

Timothy Murnen

Second Advisor Department

School of Teaching and Learning

Publication Date

Spring 5-1-2017