Masters of Education in Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies Graduate Projects


CPR training is an important part of any collegiate recreation facility’s risk management plan for injury prevention. Because student employees are the first line of defense it is important that they are properly prepared to respond to any emergency situation. Oftentimes classroom training alone is not enough to prepare employees for emergencies. The purpose of this project was to build a training and audit program for CPR in order to build confidence and retain knowledge and skills for student employees in a campus recreation department. A training and audit program was created based on researching programs used by other universities and reviewing the literature about confidence in performing CPR. Participants for the study were employees at a campus recreation center who held the Floor Attendant position. Participants were asked to complete a short quiz at the beginning and end of the test period, which was four months. They also participated in an audit at the beginning and end of the test period. After the second audit the participants were surveyed on their experience with the program and self-reported confidence in performing CPR before and after the program. Overall, the majority of participants improved between the first and second tests. For audits, 80% of participants improved their skills and for the quiz, 70% of participants improved. When surveyed, most students agreed that their confidence in performing CPR in an audit and real life situation was higher after participating in the program. Most also agreed that they were more confident when performing a surprise audit because it was most like a real life situation. These results suggest that overall the training and audit program does increase confidence for student employees in campus recreation and assist in retaining knowledge. However, more research should be done in order to determine the effectiveness of this program for different recreation departments.


Travis Heggie

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