Masters of Education in Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies Graduate Projects


The BGSU Strength & Conditioning Exercise Index is a tool created for coaches and athletes to help them better understand the movements programmed for them. It is designed to be easily accessible and easy to understand for new athletes, or athletes that are away from their strength coach home on a break. It could also be a tool for new coaches or interns as a starting point for basic coaching cues generally used and specific movements that work well within our space and programming style. The index includes nine sections outlining the major areas the staff at BGSU use when creating training programs. The sections of the index center on a total body well-rounded approach to strength training. Each page includes pictures of a movement, a comprehensive description of the movement/exercise, a list of the major muscles used during the exercise, which teams the movement is generally programmed for and if there are other variations of the movement that are regularly used. The index was meant to be an overview of basic exercises that athletes would generally see upon starting a program as a freshman at BGSU. The reliability of this project will need to be established as he index is used by future athletes, coaches, and student interns. The project was evaluated for content validity by a panel of experts including the Director of Strength and Conditioning and the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for football. Valuable feedback was received for improvement and possible future projects of a similar nature.


Stephen J. Langendorfer

Second Reader

Matthew Laurent