Masters of Education in Human Movement, Sport, and Leisure Studies Graduate Projects


The expansion and growth of collegiate athletics in modern society has greatly increased the amount of scrutiny that has been placed on the structure and performance of the student-athlete population not only on the field but in the classroom as well. The purpose of this study was to assist academic support services staff in understanding how the student-athletes view the quality of services being provided, which may improve the quality of work produced in such an environment. This study will be key to investigating the effectiveness of academic support services provided to student-athletes. The resulting data from this study can be utilized by all universities in the Mid-American Conference to determine if the current academic support services being offered are meeting standards of effectiveness and quality. This study may also assist athletic departments and conference offices when training and educating the staff that is providing these services to the student-athletes. A qualitative survey was distributed to student-athletes throughout the MAC to assess their current perceptions. Twenty-nine student-athletes participated in this study. A mix of quantitative and qualitative data was collected through the use of the survey. Participants answered demographic questions and then were prompted to answer several open-ended opinion questions. Gauging the participant’s responses, they are satisfied with the academic support services they are being provided overall, though they did indicate some room for improvement. Participants also highlighted the importance of their academic advisor’s efforts to build a relationship with them. The findings of this aligned greatly with the findings of other research in the field. The importance of relationships directly impacts the student-athletes experience and motivation to achieve academic success. This research is unique in that the findings can assist institutions in evaluating the services they are providing student-athletes in the future.


Amanda Paule-Koba

Second Reader

Ray Schneider








Sport Administration