English Ph.D. Dissertations


Some (Still) Like it Hot: Re-envisioning Transdisciplinarity and Collaboration in First Year Composition and Jazz

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


English/Rhetoric and Writing

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Lee Nickoson (Committee Chair)

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Trinka Messenheimer (Committee Member)

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Kristine Blair (Committee Member)

Fourth Advisor

Sue Carter Wood (Committee Member)


Many of the previous ways of understanding disciplinary knowledge outside of discipline-specific contexts, most frequently metaphors and tropes, are useful when working within abstract, theorized concepts, but do not fare well when a practical application such as collaboration, and specifically transdisciplinary collaboration, is the goal. Rather, in the case of transdisciplinary collaboration between the specific observed First Year Composition and Jazz classrooms and learning environments, the situated literacies identified within each classroom are useful foundations for understanding how knowledge is produced or transferred in those environments, and therefore function as points of engagement around which instructors and students can design discipline-specific or transdisciplinary collaborative initiatives.