English Ph.D. Dissertations


The Role of Space and Place: A Case Study of Students', Experiences in Online First-Year Writing Courses (OFWYCs)

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)


English/Rhetoric and Writing

First Advisor

Lee Nickoson (Advisor)

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Daniel Bommarito (Committee Member)

Third Advisor

Sue Carter Wood (Committee Member)

Fourth Advisor

Patrick Pauken (Other)


While enrollments in online writing courses (OWCs), especially online first-year writing courses (OFYWCs) continue to grow at public and private non-profit institutions in the U.S., online writing instruction (OWI) scholars argue this change signals a desperate need for additional research on teaching and writing in online learning environments (OLEs), however, OWI research often overlooks student voices making this adaptation particularly challenging for online instructors. This study addresses this challenge for online instructors and gap in OWI research by amplifying the voices of students enrolled in OFYWCs at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) through the collection of survey and interview data. The results of this study will offer insight for online instructors teaching OFYWCs at BGSU by giving voice to students, experiences, and challenges and offering insight for potential pedagogical and teacher preparation approaches to OWI.