Economics Faculty Publications


The BGSU Economics department is proud of its faculty, having Distinguished Teaching Professors and a Master Teacher that has been recognized for his outstanding achievements. The department hosts conferences and colloquia each year that bring notable economists to campus and hosts an undergraduate student paper contest and conference.

Please note that the content of this page does not necessarily constitute a comprehensive list of all faculty publications produced by this department.


Submissions from 2013


Unconscionability and the Contingent Assumptions of Contract Theory, M. Neil Browne and Lauren Biksacky

Submissions from 2012

Contingent Ethics of Market Transactions, M. Neil Browne and Facundo Bouzat


Legal Tolerance toward the Business Lie and the Puffery Defense: the Questionable Assumptions of Contract Law, M. Neil Browne, Kathleen M.S. Hale, and Maureen Cosgrove


Potential Tension Between a "Free Marketplace of Ideas" and the Fundamental Purpose of Free Speech, M. Neil Browne, Justin Rex, and David L. Herrera

Submissions from 2010

Obesity as a Protected Category: The Complexity of Personal Responsibility for Physical Attributes, M. Neil Browne, Virginia Morrison, Barbara Keeley, and Mark Gromko

Submissions from 2009


Advertising to Children and the Commercial Speech Doctrine: Political and Constitutional Limitations, M. Neil Browne, Lauren Frances Biksacky, and Alex Frondorf


Rare, but Promising, Involvement of Faculty in Residence Hall Programming, M. Neil Browne, Spencer Headworth, and Kandice Saum


Are Introductory Courses A Proper Venue for Deep Thought about the Discipline?, John H. Hoag and M. Neil Browne

Submissions from 2008


Impact of Market Ideology on Transnational Contract Law, M. Neil Browne and Jennifer Coon


Putting Expert Testimony in Its Epistemological Place: What Predictions of Dangerousness in Court Can Teach Us, M. Neil Browne and Ronda R. Harrison-Spoerl


Concealment of Information in Consumer Transactions in the U.S., Sweden, and China: A Window to the Relationship between Individualism and Regulation, M. Neil Browne, Justin Rex, and Curtis Bunner


Mobbing in the Workplace and Individualism: Antibullying Legislation in the United States, Europe and Canada, M. Neil Browne and Mary Allison Smith

Submissions from 2006

Purported Rigidity of an Attorney's Personality: Can Legal Ethics Be Acquired?, M. Neil Browne, Carrie L. Williamson, and Linda L. Barkacs

Shared Assumptions of the Jury System and the Market System, M. Neil Browne, Carrie L. Williamson, and Garrett Coyle