Doctor of Musical Arts Dissertations


Horn and Live Electronics a Survey of and Performance Guide for a Neglected Repertoire

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Music Performance/Instrumental Performance

First Advisor

Andrew Pelletier (Advisor)

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Ryan Ebright (Committee Member)

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Nora Engebretsen (Committee Member)

Fourth Advisor

Carolyn Tompsett (Other)


The purpose of this document is to explore works written for horn and live electronics.

This repertoire is considerably smaller compared to other instruments’ and the existing pieces are not widely considered to be part of the standard repertoire. The author’s intention is that this document will raise an awareness of the sonic possibilities of this genre to promote performances of the existing pieces and inspire new commissions. Eight pieces were obtained via the composers and are analyzed from the viewpoint of both performer and pedagogue. This document explores Silhouettes, Receding (2012) by Jay Batzner (b.1974) for Bruce Bonnell, Ghost Circles (2013) by Jay Batzner for Bruce Bonnell, Recombinant Serenade (2013) by Christopher Biggs (b.1979) for Lin Foulk Baird, Nisi (2012) by Kevin Ernste (1973) for Adam Unsworth, Horn Call (1976) by Randall Faust (1947), Gently Weep (2009) by Thomas Hundemer, Zylamander (2011) by Russell Pinkston (b. 1949) for Luke Zyla, and Pulsar [Variant I] (2013) by Seth Shafer.