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Mindfulness and Metacognition: A Guide to Implementing Beneficial Mental Habits in Music Teaching

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Contemporary Music

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John Sampen (Advisor)

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Madeline Duntley (Other)

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Ryan Ebright (Committee Member)

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Elaine Colprit (Committee Member)


Colleges across the country are experiencing an increase in reported student mental health issues. In response to these concerns, college music departments are creating and improving wellness programs designed to support positive lifestyle habits for musicians. This document advocates for the expansion and continued focus of wellness programs through the lens of mindfulness and metacognition. Research has shown that mindfulness training and metacognitive skills are powerful interventive tools for the development of healthy mental behaviors and can result in lasting beneficial neurological changes. This research provides an overview and discussion of twelve collegiate musician wellness programs and research related to mindfulness. Attributes of these initiatives are compared to describe trends in the development of supportive measures taken by university faculties. Research specific to neurological benefits that result from mindfulness practices seems to support the incorporation of these practices within music pedagogy. Evidence of this is provided by studies that investigated lasting structural changes to the brain as a result of meditation and other mindfulness skills. Literature concerning metacognitive skills for mindfulness development is also provided to give context for the first stages of this development. Because music teachers have long discussed mental aspects of performance, an investigation of common instructional texts examining mindfulness practices in musician training is also included. Finally, an implementation guide for collegiate music teachers and students is offered as a resource aid for these teaching practices.