Doctor of Musical Arts Dissertations


The Composer's Guide to the Tuba: Creating a New Resource on the Capabilities of the Tuba Family

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Contemporary Music

First Advisor

David Saltzman (Advisor)

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Mikel Kuehn (Committee Member)

Third Advisor

Andrew Pelletier (Committee Member)

Fourth Advisor

Marco Nardone (Other)


The solo repertoire of the tuba and euphonium has grown exponentially since the middle of the 20th century, due in large part to the pioneering work of several artist-performers on those instruments. These performers sought out and collaborated directly with composers, helping to produce works that sensibly and musically used the tuba and euphonium. However, not every composer who wishes to write for the tuba and euphonium has access to world-class tubists and euphonists, and the body of available literature concerning the capabilities of the tuba family is both small in number and lacking in comprehensiveness. This document seeks to remedy this situation by producing a comprehensive and accessible guide on the capabilities of the tuba family. An analysis of the currently-available materials concerning the tuba family will give direction on the structure and content of this new guide, as will the dissemination of a survey to the North American composition community. The end result, the Composer’s Guide to the Tuba, is a practical, accessible, and composer-centric guide to the modern capabilities of the tuba family of instruments.