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Telematic Music: History and Development of the Medium and Current Technologies Related to Performance

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Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)


Contemporary Music

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Roger Schupp (Advisor)

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Elainie Lillios (Committee Member)

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Conor Nelson (Committee Member)

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Bonnie Mitchell (Committee Member)


Telematic music is a little-known sub-genre of telematic art and a new phenomenon in the world of music. This paper seeks to provide aspiring telematic musicians with the necessary knowledge and background that will enable them to participate in this art form by supplying a historical and aesthetic background for the elements of telematic art, discussing commonly used technologies and how they are implemented today, investigating performers who employ telematics, and examining the telematic opera Auksalaq. Additionally, this paper explores the adaptation of telematic art into telematic music.

Chapter I reviews artistic and technological precursors of telematic art, centered around its three main aspects: telematics, integration of art forms, and interactivity. Chapter II provides a general guide for the aspiring telematic musician, covering the unique variables associated with performing telematically and giving practical advice relating to topics such as choosing technology, preparing telematic music, and more. Chapter III explores the current state of telematic music and creates a framework for analyzing it. This chapter includes an interview with Scott Deal, an accomplished musician and telematic artist and also discusses Auksalaq, one of the most ambitious telematic art projects to date.