Mathematics and Statistics Faculty Publications

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Bowling Green State University offers a full range of undergraduate and graduate degrees, including the Master of Arts and the Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics.

Please note that the content of this page does not necessarily constitute a comprehensive list of all faculty publications produced by this department.


Submissions from 2017

Convolution operators supporting hypercyclic algebras, Juan Bes, Alberto Conejero, and Dimitris Papathanasiou

Submissions from 2016


Recurrence properties of hypercyclic operators, Juan Bes, Q. Menet, A. Peris, and Y. Puig

Submissions from 2015

Existence of common and upper frequently hypercyclic subspaces, Juan Bes and Quentin Menet

Submissions from 2014

Dynamics of weighted composition operators, Juan Bes

Weighted shifts and disjoint hypercyclicity, Juan Bes, Ozgur Martin, and Rebecca Sanders

Submissions from 2009


Properties of Matrix Variate Beta Type 3 Distribution, Arjun K. Gupta and Daya K. Nagar


Classification and Energetics of the Base-Phosphate Interactions in RNA, Craig L. Zirbel, J Sponer, Jesse Stombaugh, Neocles B. Leontis, and J E. Sponer

Submissions from 2008


Fr3d: Finding Local and Composite Recurrent Structural Motifs in RNA 3D Structures, Craig L. Zirbel, Michael Sarver, Jesse Stombaugh, Ali Mokdad, and Neocles B. Leontis

Submissions from 2007


Unified Analysis of Finite Volume Methods for Second Order Elliptic Problems, So-Hsiang Chou and Xiu Ye

Submissions from 2004


Pole Assignment for a Vibrating System with Aerodynamic Effect, J. N. Wang, So-Hsiang Chou, Y. C. Chen, and W. W. Lin

Submissions from 2002


Flux Recovery from Primal Hybrid Finite Element Methods, So-Hsiang Chou, Do Y. Kwak, and Kwang Y. Kim


Sharp L2-error Estimates and Superconvergence of Mixed Finite Element Methods for Non-fickian Flows in Porous Media, Richard E. Ewing, Yanping Lin, Tong Sun, Junping Wang, and Shuhua Zhang

Submissions from 2001


A General Framework for Constructing and Analyzing Mixed Finite Volume Methods on Quadrilateral Grids: The Overlapping Covolume Case, So-Hsiang Chou, Do Y. Kwak, and Kwang Y. Kim

Submissions from 2000


Mixed Covolume Methods on Rectangular Grids for Elliptic Problems, So-Hsiang Chou and Do Y. Kwak


Conservative P1 Conforming and Nonconforming Galerkin Fems: Effective Flux Evaluation via a Nonmixed Method Approach, So-Hsiang Chou and Shengrong Tang

Submissions from 1999


Mixed Upwinding Covolume Methods on Rectangular Grids for Convection-diffusion Problems, So-Hsiang Chou, Do Y. Kwak, and Panayot S. Vassilevski

Submissions from 1998


Mixed Covolume Methods for Elliptic Problems on Triangular Grids, So-Hsiang Chou, Do Y. Kwak, and Panayot S. Vassilevski


A Covolume Method Based on Rotated Bilinears for the Generalized Stokes Problem, So-Hsiang Chou and D. Y. Kwak